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Critical Imapct קריטיקל אימפקט

10 Kehilat Venezia st.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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  • Special Crisis Management Intervention Team (SAYERET )
  • Critical Challenges Operations Team (TZAMAM)
  • Command Crisis Rooms - "Nerve Center" (PAKAL HAMAL)
  • Preparing, managing and recovering from cyber crises.
  • C²RM- Creating infrastructure for preventing and organizational handling of a crisis - CMP, BCP, DRP (NOHAL)
  • Critical complex-simulation production and War Games (TARGIL)

Products and Services

Products and Services

Platform and Toolbox

  • Crisis Management
  • IO (Information Operations)
  • Psychology Warfare
  • Cyber
  • Profiling
  • Intelligence (including open source)
  • Law and Mediation
  • Social Networks (research, influence, and campaigns)
  • Media and Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Risk Analysis, BCP and DRP
  • Operations