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Crisis Management

Field-proven methodology to eliminate the odds for error in high-stress situations. Experienced crisis leaders immediately deployed to support your decision-makers and mitigate threats on multiple fronts.


By combining multi-disciplinary methods of preventative containment actions, we’ll develop tactical playbooks to have you prepared for any array of variously cascading scenarios.


Our SLA enables close familiarity with your organization, allowing activation of uniquely selected teams to synchronize with your organization and assure rapid recovery in the event of any disruption.


Bring an advantage to the table by introducing a skilled external source, creating value where agreement seems impossible.


We specialize in entering a live ongoing process, rapidly learning in motion, and locating leeway to maneuver the negotiation towards a turning point.


Adept in executing outcome-oriented moves and ensuring all counterparts work in sync to find and create concrete opportunities in complex situations.


We factor in every viable element to target key players, interpret incentives, and construct the dialogue that will put you on higher ground to achieve the optimal outcome.

War Games

The ultimate method to disperse the fog of war and help gain clarity and control within your professional landscape.


We facilitate a consequence-free environment to safely test ideas, plan initiatives, devise strategies, and develop contingencies to ensure your organization always comes out on top.


  • Ensure business continuity

  • Map secure and efficient courses of action

  • Improve team agility, coordination, and communication

  • Concentrate existing information & identify gaps

  • Develop crisis awareness

Experience a ranging variety of business battlegrounds planned specifically for your organization. Choose from structured methodical TTX, a progressive series of dynamic events, to fully immersive war games with active rivals and surprise scenarios.

Influence Operations

Effectively influence the attitudes and behavior of a particular target to achieve a specific effect, while minimizing or avoiding friction with foreign audiences.


Orchestrating a desired chain of events involves a high level of creative thinking along with a profound understanding of the elements at play. A fine art that factors in the prediction of human behavior, implementing legitimate approaches, methodologies, and tools for persuasion.


We employ a diverse set of tactics, techniques, and procedures to affect the decision making, beliefs, and opinions of the designated objective, winning hearts and minds.

Crisis Management
War Games
Influence Operations
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