Cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks have become commonplace. The technological aspect must be dealt in parallel with efficient crisis management to quickly put a stop to the event.

Crisis Management

Effective cyber incident management involves a multitude of functions and skill sets beyond the capabilities of the CISO and IT managers.


Communication with external interfaces - legal, PR, regulators, law enforcement, insurers.


Our immediate response team seamlessly integrates within the C-Level, functioning as the key figure guiding your organization from containment to recovery, helping maintain business continuity until routine is fully restored.


Once out of immediate danger, we continue to support and consult throughout the aftermath, helping to restore the organization to its prior state.


As a globally recognized authority closely affiliated with leading insurance and financial institutions, we possess a wide scope of abilities, while strictly adhering to legal and regulatory compliance.

Critical Negotiation

We believe negotiation is a powerful tool towards achieving control over the event and the manner in which it develops.


The founders of Critical Impact possess a unique negotiation methodology gained from decades of expertise serving in Israel’s National Hostage Negotiation Unit.


Add to this deep analysis of cyber threat rival entities, professional profiling by best-in-class psychologists, designing negotiation plans inclusive of all influential aspects, and consolidating all the resources for achieving the optimal outcome.


Critical Impact understand malicious activity and know how to talk to cyber threat actors.


Assisting the decision-makers by consulting and overseeing:

Adversary entity negotiation Synchronizing all the moving parts affecting the organization’s performance. Reputation management on all facets - partners, clients, employees, suppliers, the public.

Ransom Settlement

Facilitating secure acquisition, transfer, and payment to prevent crucial mistakes. Proficient with cryptocurrency procedures and digital asset verification to avoid exposure to sanctions.

Unique Tool Box (+)

We provide a dedicated team of specialists on call 24/7 throughout every stage of the crisis to develop a tailored response, steering each aspect of the event towards the ideal outcome.

  • Operation Leader

  • Psychologist (profiling)

  • Negotiator

  • Crisis Analyst

  • Communications Expert (legal, PR, internal)

  • Intel Gatherer

Our SLA offers immediate availability and value with full discretion

Ongoing Event

Ongoing Event




Your Trusted Team

Commitment to rapid response in the initial hours is critical. Actions taken at this time have the strongest impact on determining how the event develops.


Every event is unique, and requires a different response team composed of highly trained intelligence, negotiation, technology, and other specialists.


The intervention team accompanies, trains, and advises the organization on a routine basis, learning the potential threats, protocols, and processes, getting familiar with all the relevant assets and roles, thus saving valuable time when the need arises.

War Games (Cyber)

Protect your organization from unforeseen costs, risks, and damage. Build competence and readiness through training exercises, simulations and formulate protocols.


We have devised a unique arsenal of cybersecurity War Game simulations for decision-makers. This set of dynamic cyber-oriented drills is designed to methodically examine organizational awareness and readiness for present-day digital threats.


Expose your existing level of preparedness, surface problems, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, define goals, and create procedures to bridge the gap, all within a contained environment.